Consideration Security Industry

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Reflections - What's missing is China's security industry

Chinese security industry what they lack most? Lack of brand; lack of core technology and channel development services. Chinese security industry's shortcomings in the eyes of the industry has become the cash cow of a strong brand, strong brand, especially in the IT sector in the industry, strong brand influence, with advanced technology to develop a strong core or channel strength, relying on a strong brand and strength a short time it can dominate the security market, which is the Chinese traditional security companies lacking something.

Why the lack of big brands? The answer is simple: lack of core technology development and customer channel resources. At present security core technology products in the market are dominated by large foreign security companies, HUA openly Declaration of the world's most advanced electronic Patrol technology, the most understandable of course, this is indeed the case, but the vast majority of Chinese security companies are taking imitate the way, not for product innovation, with the price war to win small profits at low cost, with the rapid development of the market, industry competition, with the influx of strong brands in various industries, the future of security companies will be differentiated into two types: has the core technology R & D capability of enterprises and companies have customer resources. Those in the middle of the state, the number of both the lack of core technology has no core enterprise client resources will be significantly reduced, the traditional security model to be gone forever.

With the concept of change, we are living in an era dominated by brand, brand value has become a trend, a strong brand because of its high value, high profit margins, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises so that enterprises "pre-loaded" , it has a strong market appeal. For security companies, with the brand, can reduce the cost of sales and service costs; lower product can be re-homogeneous case, make a difference, greater added value, through consumer loyalty to the brand, with more large market share, which is China Security enterprises lack content.