Patrol product selection when you need to know

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Patrol product selection when you need to know

  Long before patrol officers through traditional way to record attendance Patrol work today need a scientific, objective and rigorous, with high-tech means to achieve the best solution for a set of patrol management. Traditional Patrol patrol officers based on the recording is completed by hand, at the local installation requires a patrol like mailbox-like box (patrol point), each patrol officers arrive here on paper, write your own reach time, name and related information, and then put into the box. Managers usually by checking the box in the small piece of paper, to examine the work attendance Patrol officers.

  With the development of society and technology, American DALLAS company launched the world's 90 patents "IBTTON" information button, the product has a durable, many advantages of anti-acid, anti-corrosion, high temperature, long life, and soon On Patrol inspection applied to, Sees (Information button of performance comparison). Because many of the superior performance, contactless electronic Patrol inspection products (such as: Patrol stick) and is still the mainstream of the global Patrol products.

  When using the user choose Patrol inspection as, use of the product in order to protect the stability and durability, not only to choose well-known brand Patrol products, but also should consider the future installation of the application environment and the patrol patrol point, If it is in good condition, or in the indoor installation patrol point, you can not consider Patrol reader mode (Reader mode: divided into contact and induction of radiofrequency) Contact Patrol point because there are a variety of installation way, buried, surface mount and so on, the inductive Patrol point only for shallow burial, not the exposed surface installation. If used outdoors, if you are using the installation shallow burial patrol point, the contact Patrol and Patrol RF induction can be considered. But to bare the patrol point you try to consider the installation using a contact-type Patrol, Patrol contact point because the material is metal stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, anti-vandalism, interference resistance, high temperature design life of 20 years. The induction of radiofrequency Patrol point made of plastic, corrosion afraid, afraid of the sun, fear of high and low temperature, easy to vandalism, life is short, only applies Shallow Tibetan installation.

  Patrol inspection management system, should be a powerful, simple, easy to complete the communication Patrol achieve line settings, electronic maps, bar / line graph / pie chart display, with a simple, user-friendly Strong, users can query Patrol recorded automatically according to line requirements assessment, easily check the implementation of the plan, for example: on time, early, yet to come, and so missed