Explosion Smart Patrol officially arrived in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Resources

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  Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is located in the central area of the northeast corner of Nanshan sea, 15 km from Shenzhen Bay coastal recreation zone in the middle, near Hong Kong, was in 2011 the main venue of the 26th World Summer Games of the students, Shenzhen is also the focus of the city and public space. The entire project covers an area of about 30.74 hectares, with a total construction area of 256,000 square meters, Shenzhen has become a landmark building. Its stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool is placed in a grid-like giant white steel roof, the roof is like a big soft lines nurtured his breakthrough into the world of athletes incubator, showing new vitality.

  Among them, China Resources Property owned China Resources headquarters building, Vientiane City, Trail Bay Management Department and the 2009 explosion have been using Huiyou An intelligent Patrol System, in six years of use, the property continues to be recognized. China Resources Property on 15 July again procurement Huiyou An explosion intelligent Patrol System, for "Spring Cocoons" institute museum security work, adding new weapons for its security work. Not only provide the most effective protection for the personal and property safety of tourists in the stadium, but also provides peace of mind and a safe and comfortable environment.