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Product Details:

Fingerprint technology is applied to patrol attendance, it can solve the problem of the inspection personnel instead of the inspection.

Fingerprint guard tour system is fingerprint verification as patrol work people management,Is added the function of fingerprint identification in the patrol system, to ensure the patromens' legality 

And accuracy; fingerprint inspection system to ensure that the inspection records of the justice, authority, and completely eliminated patrol absence and other phenomena, effectively ensure the implementation of the management system, the maximum increase safety factor of duty target.


HUA-101F parameters and technical characteristics

● Uniqueness: fingerprint verification the only cant forge and cant instead is perfect combined with PFID technology, it solved the identification of inspection management indentity

● Unity: comprehensive analysis of the inspection records,see attendance analysis at a glance

●Reliability: patrol device use modern industrial technology design and manufacturing, strict product quality control and environmental testing,Charge a time can read more than 20,000 times.

● Easy to use: easy to install, anti-corrosion, anti-dust and ,anti-tamper ,no need to wiring, easy to use

● Authority: use fingerprint to identify the identity of the patrolman, to ensure that patroman can not be replaced and authoritative

● authority: The fingerprint to determine the identity of the inspection personnel, and authority to ensure that irreplaceable person.

● Economic: the fingerprint technology combined with the RFID technology,and is applied to the patrol industry,fingerprint system is cheap and low cost

● Strong waterproof:use the silica gel inside and overal sealing design,waterproof,drop-resist and so son

● Editability:Event editor and meter reading function with intelligent navigation, TFT true color screen. prompt the current selection of patrol plan and patrolman, FLASH memory is 32MB

● Transmission high speed and stability:USB cable transfer 60,000 records only need 15 minutes,Data accuracy,Thoroughly solved the problem of slow transmission speed


1, (optional) support a variety of compliance with ISO7816 standard contactless IC card, CPU card (punch)

2, (optional) supports common standard ISO14443 Type A / B protocol contactless IC

   Cards such as Mifare series Uitralight, Mifare1 (S50), Mifare4(S70), MifarePro, DESfire etc.

3. (optional) supports common standard ISO15693 protocol RFID tags, such as Philips

   The I-CODEⅡ series, Ti's Tag-it and INSID of PicoTag other electronic label products