Compass Bay Gui'an Guiyang Kaiyuan Hotel

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Compass Bay Guiyang Kaiyuan Hotel Gui'an enable HUA Patrol System

Gui'an Compass Bay Kaiyuan Hotel is the first New Kre high-star hotel, hotel on May 13 this year, officially opened. The hotel offers 209 rooms, 4 lakeside villa, the height of 10 meters, 1,008 square meters of the New Century Hall, which can accommodate 600 people for banquets or meetings, in addition to 10 different sizes of conference rooms, with a total area of 2300 square feet meeting and function rooms that can meet the high quality requirements of large-scale conference news release, demand theme parties and social events.

An important part of the hotel opened at the beginning patrol system has been incorporated into the hotel security work, all equipment procurement company must enter through a rigorous screening, product quality, supplier qualification and so need to strictly, and the need for at least three supplier comparison, ultimately, by the company's explosion-proof Huiyou An Patrol HUA-101 products won the customer's approval, is to be delivered, Huiyou An company also will continue to move forward, for the majority of users more quality products and services.